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‘Arrow’ Copycat: Stephen Amell Mocks Philippines ‘Alyas Robin Hood,’ Filipino Fans ‘Ashamed’

‘Arrow’ Copycat:  Stephen Amell Mocks Philippines ‘Alyas Robin Hood,’ Filipino Fans ‘Ashamed’
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‘Arrow’ Copycat: Stephen Amell Mocks Philippines ‘Alyas Robin Hood,’ Filipino Fans ‘Ashamed’

Stephen Amell, the billionaire playboy/archer vigilante Oliver Queen of the popular TV series “Arrow,” shared the trailer of a Filipino “knock off” of the series titled ‘Alyas Robin Hood’ on Facebook with a blushing face emoji. This led many of his fans in the Philippines to apologise and be ashamed for the duplicity.

The trailer of “Alyas Robin Hood” looks uncannily similar to that of Arrow, and the lead star PH rip-off, Dingdong Dantes, wears a costume that looks almost identical to what Amell wore in Arrow.

Amell, who has not been particularly tactful while commenting on the social media, used an emoji that denoted embarrassment was a subtle way to take a dig at the trailer.

The Cinema Blend reported that some of the comments on Amell’s post did not stop short of criticising it as well. While his followers in the Philippines apologised for the similarity between the trailers of the two shows.

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“On behalf of your fans in the PH… I would like to apologize. There is truly a lack of originality in our network programming. It truly is embarrassing that this has come to your attention and even more embarrassing that now the world sees the lack in originality and risk in Philippine TV. It really is a shame that they did this. It shows lazy writers and lazy concept makers,” commented Facebook user Paolo Jose Jimenez Bonifacio.

While another user named Carolina Pet wrote, “They call it Robin Hood, but it’s just a big rip-off, off Arrow! They just thought: Hey, why don’t we make our own version? We don’t care what the people at the CW think. We just call it Robin Hood.”

Several others also put forward their apologies for the similar-looking poster of ‘Alyas Robin Hood’ featuring Dantes, which have gone viral, the Interaksyon reported. However, it was later clarified that the poster was a fan made art and not the official post by the GMA series.

Dantes will be playing a Robin Hood styled hooded vigilante in the ‘Alyas Robin Hood’ which will be dropped on September 19.

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