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Arnold Palmer Dead: How Did Legendary Golfer Die And Everything You Need To Know

Arnold Palmer Dead: How Did Legendary Golfer Die And Everything You Need To Know
Arnold Palmer Dan Perry / Flickr cc

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Arnold Palmer Dead: How Did Legendary Golfer Die And Everything You Need To Know

The news that Arnold Palmer is dead shocked fans and many celebrities worldwide. Reports have now dished out the reason why the legendary golfer died.

Arnold Palmer was pronounced dead while he due to complications from heart problems while awaiting cardiac surgery at Pittsburgh hospital last Sunday. The player died at 87.

CEO of Arnold Palmer Enterprises, Alastair Johnson has already confirmed that Arnold Palmer is dead.

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Tiger Woods has also expressed his grief on the legendary golfer’s demise, as he thanked him for his humility and philanthropic works.

“Thanks Arnold for your friendship, counsel and a lot of laughs,” he tweeted. “Your philanthropy and humility are part of your legend. It’s hard to imagine golf without you or anyone more important to the game than the King.”

President Barack Obama, likewise, paid tribute to the late golfer in his a tweet, saying, “Here’s to The King who was as extraordinary on the links as he was generous to others. Thanks for the memories, Arnold.”

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Arnold Palmer, who is also known as “The King,” is one of the men who turned golf accessible to the masses.

He once told CNN in 2012 that he wanted to be remembered as the man who brought golf to a global audience.

He said, “”Players today have no boundaries.”

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He, along with golfers Gary Player and Jack Nicklaus, has made golf accessible in television in the 1960s which also brought in sponsorship and larger media coverage CBS News said.

The American golfer won over 90 golf tournaments in the span of his career. He was also the first person to earn $1 million through playing the sport.

He also ranked number one in the most important figures in golf history, with his seven major championships and 62 PGA Tour wins.

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