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Army Veteran Who Killed Her Service Dog Is Found Dead

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Army Veteran Who Killed Her Service Dog Is Found Dead

An army veteran who shot and killed her service dog on camera has just been found dead. It is believed that she had committed suicide.

The body of 23-year-old Marinna Rollins was discovered at approximately 3 AM on Sunday. Police came to Rollins’ apartment at 5600 Netherfield Place after her friends found her dead. Rollin’s death is currently being investigated as a suicide. At the time of her death, Rollins had been out on bail.

Rollins had been facing charges for killing her service dog in cold blood. The incident took place in April. Rollins and her boyfriend Jarren Heng had taken her service dog to the woods. Once there, they tied the dog to a tree and shot him multiple times with rifle until he died. They then proceeded to bury the dog in the area.

Following their heinous act, police charged Rollins and Heng in the service dog’s death on April 24. Authorities said they found several videos of the shooting that both Rollins and Heng had filmed. “They can be heard on the tape laughing and giggling as the dog was being killed,” Cumberland County District Attorney Clark Reaves told CBS News. “It was a therapy dog.”

According to a report from The Fayetteville Observer, the Cumberland County Sherriff’s Office charged the couple with animal cruelty and conspiracy. Both posted bail amounting to $25,000 each and had remained out on bail at the time of Rollins’ death.

Rollins’ estranged husband thought a service dog would do her good.

The service dog that Rollins had killed on camera belonged to her estranged husband Matt Dyer. According to a report from CBS North Carolina, Rollins had been taking care of the dog while Dyer was deployed. During this time, Rollins also had the dog certified as an emotional support dog. Moreover, Rollins also changed the dog’s name from Huey to Cambouis. At that time, Dyer thought keeping the dog with Rollins was a good idea. “I felt like her having to take care of Huey would be good for her and would be good for Huey.”

Rollins has a history of mental disorders.

Rollins had ended her service in the Army in January 2017. According to a report from Popular Military, she was medically discharged. In fact, back in January 2015, Rollins was diagnosed with several mental disorders, including narcissistic personality disorder, bipolar disorder and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. According to Dyer, Rollins had actually been discharged at 80 percent disability.

Even with Rollins dead, the case against her and her boyfriend continues to move forward. Heng is scheduled to appear in court on May 16. Meanwhile, Rollin’s family has been informed of her death.

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