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Arkansas Deputy Shot Dead, Suspect In Custody After Five-Hour Standoff

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Arkansas Deputy Shot Dead, Suspect In Custody After Five-Hour Standoff

A deputy from the Yell County Sheriff’s Department died during a shooting on Thursday that led to a long standoff with the suspect.

According to the Arkansas State Police, 46-year-old Lieutenant Kevin C. Mainhart identified a vehicle that is possibly associated with a disturbance call at 10024 Gum Springs Road on Thursday morning. Because of this, Lieutenant Mainhart decided to initiate a traffic stop west of Dardanelle, Arkansas, at the intersection of State Highway 27 and Slow Fork Road near Chickalah in Yell County.

Arkansas deputy gets shot while initiating a traffic stop after spotting person of interest.

During the traffic stop, Lieutenant Mainhart was shot and killed. It was not long after before a passing motorist saw that Lieutenant Mainhart had been shot. The motorist notified police immediately.

Officers found two bodies in the address identified in the disturbance call.

On the other hand, other local officers made their way to the Gum Springs address. Here, they found the bodies of two individuals inside the residence. According to the Arkansas State Police, the identity of the victims is currently unknown. However, a report from KFSM, the two victims are both females.

Authorities engage in a standoff with the suspect for five hours.

Meanwhile, Yell County Deputies and Arkansas State Police had managed to identify the location of where the suspect is staying. He was reportedly in another residence near the crime scene where he held a number of hostages. Authorities were in a standoff with the suspect for five hours.

Finally, at 2:40 PM, authorities managed to arrest 32-year-old Michael Bowden. He is now being held in connection with the two murders found in the home as well as the death of Lieutenant Mainhart.

Arkansas mourns the loss of one of its officers who served for 25 years.

Meanwhile, Arkansas State Police has joined the Yell County Sheriff’s Office in the mourning the loss of Lieutenant Mainhart. ” You are a hero sir – may you Rest In Peace,” the Arkansas State Police said in a statement. Lieutenant Mainhart had served the state of Arkansas for 25 years.

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