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Arizona Man Shoots 4 Family Members, Commits Suicide

Arizona Man Shoots 4 Family Members, Commits Suicide
Tucson, AZ Kim Snyder /Flickr CC BY-ND 2.0


Arizona Man Shoots 4 Family Members, Commits Suicide

A 25-year-old Tucson man named Christopher Carrillo shot his relatives, older brother and 17-year-old niece before he shooting himself on Tuesday night. The incident took place 6 p.m. in a home on West Calle Medina in Tucson, according to police spokesman Sgt. Pete Dugan.

The murder-suicide case is under investigation, and police has yet to discover the motive for the murder. The deceased were identified as Raul Carrillo, 58, Karen Saari, 53, Erik Carrillo, 32, and Isela Rodriguez.

A close associate of the family informed the police that when he entered the house, he found a dead man by the entrance. Officers arrived shortly after the incident and discovered that all the victims died of gunshots.

It is yet to be confirmed who used to reside in the house.

Dugan further said that Carrillo used a handgun to carry out the murder-suicide attack. It is still unclear whether the gun belongs to the killer himself or it was taken from elsewhere.

There is a No Trespassing sign on the door, and two tricycles were parked in the lawn. There is a small basketball court in the front of the open-spaced house. On the other side of the residence, there stands a deserted home.

Neighbor Araceli Zatarain said that the family was residing in the area for more than 20 years. Zatarain and other neighbors suspected drug activity within the neighborhood. They also did not hear gunshots or witnessed abnormal activity on the day of murder.

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