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Arizona Flash Flood Kills At Least 9

Arizona Flash Flood Kills At Least 9
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Arizona Flash Flood Kills At Least 9

A flash flood killed nine people in the Cold Springs Swimming Hole in Arizona. The heavy rain and lack of trees upstream of the swimming spot was noted to be one of the factors that caused the disaster. The flood killed nine people including young children and families

According to CNN, the recent flash flood was about 6 ft high and 40 feet wide. It swept 14 people in its wake downstream  The Gila  County Sheriff identified the flood’s nine victims as Jonathan Leon, 13; Mia Garnica, 5; Emily Garnica, 3; Danial Garnica, 7; Javier Raya-Garcia, 19; Selia Garcia Castaneda, 57; Erica Raya-Garcia, 2; Maribel Raya-Garcia, 24; and Maria Raya-Garcia, 27. Hector Manuel Garnica, 27, is currently missing and rescue teams are still trying to find him since Tuesday.

Apparently, the flood started when heavy rain fell eight miles upstream from the family’s swimming excursion. The flood stayed that high and wide as wildfires have cleared the vegetation along the flood’s way. Nothing to resist the flood’s strength as it went down. Burn areas, desert washes, low-water crossings and low-lying areas were susceptible this flash floods as the National Weather Service in Phoenix confirmed. “They had no warning. They heard a roar and it was on top of them,” said Water Wheel Fire and Medical District Fire Chief Ron Sattelmaier.

The Cold Springs Swimming Hole was a popular swimming spot before the flash flood. Authorities said that there was no way to confirm how many people were in the swimming spot and the swimmers had no way of knowing what’s happening upstream.

“Deepest prayers for those lost in the Gila County tragedy, for their families and the entire community,” said Arizona governor Doug Ducey on Twitter about the unfortunate event. Among the nine victims, five of them were children aged 2 to 13.


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