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Ariel Winter The Next Lindsay Lohan: Behavior Threatens Acting Career?

Ariel Winter The Next Lindsay Lohan: Behavior Threatens Acting Career?
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Ariel Winter The Next Lindsay Lohan: Behavior Threatens Acting Career?

With Ariel Winter’s real life sexy image straying from her nerdy and conservative role on television, some are presuming that actress may be the next Lindsay Lohan. Even though she is tough against body shamers, their comments might be her career’s downfall.

The 18-year-old star, who is known for her nerdy and wholesome role of Alex Dunphy in the comedy series “Modern Family,” has been showing a lot of skin lately, which are met with harsh criticisms from body shamers.

The star’s social media accounts—Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter—are filled with her racy photos, which showed ample amount of her cleavage and her curves.

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In one photo, Ariel Winter showed off her curves in a pink cutout dress, which revealed a large part of her underboob for her graduation party.

Body shamers said that her dress is inappropriate but the actress shrugged them off in one tweet.

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However, some critics are saying that Ariel Winter’s rebellious act against body shamers might led to her Hollywood career downfall.

Having been known for her conservative role in “Modern Family,” where she started at a very young age, viewers might not like her anymore.

“#ArielWinter is on her way to being the next @lindsaylohan #callingit,” one Twitter user even mentioned.

Scott Pinsker, a brand expert, said that the Modern Family star Ariel Winter’s strategy could “backfire” on her. But the actress might not even care.

“Ms. Winter’s highly-sexual transformation is certainly bad for her brand identity as a Disney-friendly, teenage actress, but she’s now 18. She probably assumes that she’s reached the end of that road anyway,” the expert told.

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But an expert claimed that her behavior cannot be compared to that Lohan.

“She’s been on television almost her entire life and has come of age in the advent of the Kardashians,” Amy Palmer, founder and CEO of PowerwomenTV told Fox News.

She added that Ariel Winter learned that the more skin you show, the more fame you get in Hollywood.


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