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Ariel Winter Instagram: Sexy Photos Draw Mixed Reactions, Sarah Hyland Might To Follow Suit

Ariel Winter Instagram: Sexy Photos Draw Mixed Reactions, Sarah Hyland Might To Follow Suit
Ariel Winter Instagram

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Ariel Winter Instagram: Sexy Photos Draw Mixed Reactions, Sarah Hyland Might To Follow Suit

Ariel Winter, the Modern Family star, loves to flaunt her body but faced staunch criticisms from body shamers on the social media after she started posting selfies. Sarah Hyland, her onscreen sister, is, however, proud of Winter’s body confidence.

“I’m proud that she’s so accepting of her body. I mean, Ariel is like my little sister so I love her so, so much,” Hyland was quoted as saying by ET Online. “I think she’s beautiful inside and out.”

Hyland, starring in XOXO which will start streaming on Netflix on August 26, said she is also willing to promote the notion of being comfortable in one’s own skin.

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“I think everybody is beautiful inside and out. No matter if your [have] chicken legs like me, or voluptuous like Ariel, women are different and I think that’s the most beautiful thing about them,” she said. “I’m very proud of her.”

In a recent selfie uploaded on Instagram, Winter appeared to have a striking resemblance with ‘Keeping Up With The Kardashians’ star Kylie Jenner, who posted a similar photograph on Instagram this week, according to a report by Refinery29.

Winter, who plays Alex Dunphy in the popular TV serial ‘Modern Family,’ shared her thoughts on uploading images on the social media in a recent interview with ET Online. “I’m not going to fight with someone on my Instagram that tells me they don’t like my outfit or I should put my butt away,” she said. “I’m sorry you think I should put my butt away, but just unfollow me.”

Her recent images on Instagram found haters as well as supporters in the comment box. While some criticised her for trying out bold looks, some lauded her for being so confident about herself.

“From what I’ve seen, she had taken her life by the balls and has shown herself to be quite capable of dealing with a lot from getting an education, to being multifaceted in terms of her acting range,” wrote a user. “To add to it, she doesn’t come off as a shallow and superficial like many people in Hollywood that are in her age range. She’s got her shit down and she might be the biggest actress in the foreseeable future.”

While another user wrote, “I’m not saying she can’t show her body to people.I’m just saying she is a young actress and her fans love her, like I do, but she has to be careful…”

Check out some of these sexy photos with most comments:


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Last night was such an honor! Thank you so much to @childrensla for letting me speak about your amazing organization, and thank you so much to @variety for inviting me❤️ #party #magazine

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#tbt to a great weekend at @miraval_resort ❤️ #spa #trip

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