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Aqua Fish: The Surprise Mid Range Phone That Jolla Debuted In MWC

Aqua Fish: The Surprise Mid Range Phone That Jolla Debuted In MWC
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Aqua Fish: The Surprise Mid Range Phone That Jolla Debuted In MWC

Every event has a list of the expected and unexpected. After all, there is no such thing as perfectly predicted or arranged. The same thing happened this recent Mobile World Congress wherein one mobile maker made a surprise appearance with a new smartphone in tow. The new phone is called the Intex Aqua Fish.

These surprising smartphone in the MWC 2016 is the result of the partnership between the eyebrow raising Finnish Mobile firm, Jolla, and the Aqua line owner Indian firm Intex Technologies. This is the first mobile device to come out of Jolla’s licensing ambitions, which it has launch after its “fumbled” crowd funded tablet launch, reports Engadget.

This surprise participant, according to Jolla Users, follows the traditional design that the Jolla smartphone has. It has a 5-inch HD IPS display panel with a 1280 x 720 pixel resolution. It is powered by a 2500 mAh battery and is dual-SIM enabled. The mobile device also comes with an internal storage of 16GB which is expandable via microSD card and has a 2GB DDR3 RAM.

Tech Spot adds that the Jolla and Intex collaboration phone runs on a 1.3Ghz quad core Qualcomm Soc. It will run the Sailfish 2.0, Jolla’s very own OS. It sports an 8 megapixel rear shooter and a 2 megapixel front shooter. The latest Jolla phone supports Wi-Fi, 4G LTE, Bluetooth 4.0, GPS and microUSB 2.0 in terms of connectivity options.

According to Jolla, the Aqua Fish mobile phone will go on sale this April in India via Intex. The phone will be in an orange and black color scheme. As of now it is speculated that the price will be from $120 to $150 USD. The Finnish firm has also announced that it had made another deal with the Mi-Fone company that will bring Sailfish-based devices to Africa in the coming months.

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