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Apple’s Rumored iPad Pro Specs Leaked?

Apple’s Rumored iPad Pro Specs Leaked?


Apple’s Rumored iPad Pro Specs Leaked?

Apple's Rumored iPad Pro Specs Leaked?As Apple’s iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3 are already enjoying brisk sales online and in stores, there is a new rumor that the iPad family could become literally bigger with the addition of the biggest iPad of them all, the media-christened iPad Pro.

A new report coming from Japanese technology site Macotakara says that the Cupertino firm has not stopped development on its largest iPad to date which Apple will be using to go head to head with Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3. The report continues that although development has not stalled for the next iDevice, Apple had pushed the iPad Pro’s unleashing to the later part of next year to give its suppliers and manufacturing partners ample time to produce the needed materials for the company’s much-sought and totally in demand iPhone 6 Plus.

The report further claims that there are some new developments as to the specifications of the iPad Pro which contradict the presently circulating rumors about the device. For instance, the report says that the iPad Pro will have a 12.2-inch display rather than the rumored humongous 12.9-inch screen. A tad smaller but this difference could be big enough to make the device lighter and easier for the user to carry. Being this big, its weight is very much a concern for the engineers at Apple but the report says that the iPad Pro will follow the design suit of the iPad Air 2 thus minimizing its thickness as well as its weight.  It is estimated that the device will not be as thin as the iPad Air 2 (6.1 mm) but will be in between the iPhone 6 (6.9 mm) and iPhone 6 Plus (7.1 mm), coming in at about 7mm thin. The source also says that the new member of the iPad family will have speaker grills and microphones both on the top and bottom edges of the device. This could mean that the sound system will be radically improved on the device resulting to a much better audio experience.

Some quarters say that Apple is developing this Jumbo-sized iPad Pro to directly compete with Microsoft’s Surface Pro 3 which the Redmond company had poised as a business-centric tablet.  Apple, on the other hand, eyes the new iPad Pro as both an educational and business tool as the company partners with IBM to hasten the development of business enterprise apps.

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