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Apple’s iPhone 7 Long Distance Wireless Charging in the Works

Apple’s iPhone 7 Long Distance Wireless Charging in the Works
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Apple’s iPhone 7 Long Distance Wireless Charging in the Works

Apple’s iPhone 7 will not come until the latter part of the year, but more information about the device suggests it is going to be a game changer. According to new reports, Apple is working on equipping the device with long-distance charging plus new dual lens camera.

Wireless charging rumors have hounded Apple for quite some time but the technology never trickled onto actual devices. This time, the speculations may really have a basis as Apple’s iPhone 7 is touted to feature the technology. According to a new report from MacRumors, Apple has supposedly partnered with Energous to equip future iPhone with the technology. Apple’s latest partner is also the brainchild behind WattUp – which is consequently a wireless charging technology. It utilizes radio frequencies to power p devices even up to 15 feet away.

While there are no specific proofs to say that there is really a partnership, Disruptive Tech Research did release a series of circumstantial evidence to support the existence of the partnership. According to analysts, the evidences suggest that there might be a goldmine behind such partnership. More importantly, there have been expectations for Apple to partner with a wireless technology partner instead of developing the feature in-house. Apple has previously applied several patents on the technology which supports the company’s intent of delivering it to the end user.

On top of wireless charging, Apple also wants to break more ground with the iPhone 7 using dual lens camera. The technology is expected to deliver DSLR0-like photos and more capabilities. Japanese and Chinese camera lens makers have reportedly sent out test samples to the company already.

As for the appearance, Business Korea reported that Chinese site MyDrivers claimed that the iPhone 7 may come with a ceramic back instead of metal. The device will also get rid of rear antenna bands. Apple has not confirmed any of the reported features. All leaks and reports must be taken with a grain of salt.

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