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Apple’s iPhone 5se to Pack on Power with New A9 Chip plus More Impressive Features

Apple’s iPhone 5se to Pack on Power with New A9 Chip plus More Impressive Features
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Apple’s iPhone 5se to Pack on Power with New A9 Chip plus More Impressive Features

Apple’s iPhone 5se has been making the rounds over the internet following reports that it will be released in March. The earlier than expected releases have prompted a number of forecasts and leaks on what people can expect from the flagship. Question is: can Apple deliver a killer phone?

In the previous week, reports surfaced about Apple working on a 4-inch iPhone. Soon, more information surfaced saying that it will be called iPhone 5se and will be released around March. Some expected features include Apple Pay, curved glass edge, new camera features and a new process. Now, 9to5Mac reports that the iPhone 5se will likely be equipped with A9 and M9 processors. This is over previous reports saying that it will include A8 and M8 lines.

The reason for the switch is that the iPhone 7 is expected to run on the A10 processor. Apple will most likely refuse to release a phone that is running two processor generations behind. Furthermore, it is more beneficial to include the M9 ship for its always-on Siri activation. This lets users access Siri by simply saying “Hey Siri” without needing to plug in. The Apple iPhone 5se is also expected to replace the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus variants once the iPhone 7 is out.

However, Apple may need to do more than just include a powerful processor, as reports indicate that the company might only include 16GB of memory. Forbes calls this “ludicrously low for regular users.” Having limited memory can affect the overall experience which also most likely will impact its appeal to users. The iPhone 5c came with 8GB storage. The OS already required 5GB of space. Putting in a number of photos, videos and albums could wear out the device immediately. Apple has not provided the final details yet of the iPhone 5se.

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