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Apple’s iOS 9 to Begin Public Testing In March

Apple’s iOS 9 to Begin Public Testing In March
Image from Flickr by Microsiervos Geek Crew


Apple’s iOS 9 to Begin Public Testing In March

Image from Flickr by  Microsiervos Geek Crew

Image from Flickr by Microsiervos Geek Crew

Apple’s iOS 9, the OS rumored to run the iPhone 7, will be tested publicly in mid-March, according to 9to5mac. Expect the Apple iOS 9 to debut in June for the Worldwide Developer Conference, 9to5Mac’s sources said.

The iOS 9, worked under the code name Monarch, will provide bug fixes and improvements instead of new features, sources revealed to 9to5Mac. Hence, Apple will conduct public testing ahead of the iOS 9’s scheduled release. To maintain confidentiality and the highest level of exclusivity, the beta testing will be exclusive to only 100,000 people Apple had picked from its retail employees in January. The iOS 9 will be released in Fall, the sources told 9to5Mac.

iOS 8.3 Public Beta

Apple will also test iOS 8.3 mid-March, coinciding with the third beta for developers taking place in the same week, the sources said. Codenamed Stowe, the iOS version 8.3 will provide support for the Wireless CarPaly, enhanced Emoji keyboard, Siri and uncomplicated logging for Google services.

On Feb 23, Apple provided its developer with the second beta for iOS 8.3. The new beta includes diverse emoji characters, with the capability to change skin tones by clicking, tapping or pressing any of these characters. Different skin tone can be chosen from a variety of options available in a pop-up menu. There are also emoji icons for different flags of new countries, AppleInsider reported.

Apple iOS 8.4

Apple is said to include iOS 8.4, codenamed Copper, for the mid-March public testing. This version will provide support for a new streaming music service rumored to be in partnership with Beats.

Apple has decided to hold public betas of the iOS 9, IOS 8.3 and iOS 8.4 to avoid numerous complaints it received during the iOS 8 launch, the sources revealed. The public betas will also lessen unofficial selling of beta downloads from some of the developers.

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