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Apple’s First Ever Wearable iDevice To Cost $400?

Apple’s First Ever Wearable iDevice To Cost $400?


Apple’s First Ever Wearable iDevice To Cost $400?

Apple First Ever Wearable iDevice iWatch To Cost $400As Apple has already sent out it’s invites to its upcoming media event slated on the 9th of September, speculations are coming from all directions as to what Apple has in store for its avid followers.

Talk turns naturally to the next iteration of its mobile operating system, iOS 8, and the iPhone 6, of course.

But recent news are saying that Apple will finally unveil its first-ever wearable device, still unnamed up to now, and it will cost the consumers about $400 to get it on their wrist. So, the real question is: will Apple announce its much-awaited iWatch (let’s call it that for now) come its event on September 9?

Not much is known about the iWatch. As of this writing, there have been no leaked parts of the device, and we only get lusciously imagined renders from the most imaginative people who truly love Apple. Similarly, little has been written about the device’s functions aside from murmurings that it will be an iPhone-connected device which will give the user instant notifications readily available literally on their hands (their wrists, to be exact). It is also rumored that the device will collect and monitor health and fitness data which isn’t far-fetched as the next version of Apple’s iOS will feature a built-in health app. Speaking of OS, it is also not known if the iWatch will run the full-blown version of iOS 8 but speculations abound that it may run a variation of Apple’s mobile operating system.

Price-wise, even executives at Apple can only speculate and give the $400 price estimate which is quite steep when compared to the prices of similar products available in the market today. Most Android wearable smartwatches are priced from $250 to $300 while the low-end side is dominated by the Pebble Smartwatch priced at around $150 only. In April of this year, KGI Securities Analyst Ming-Chi Kou said that the iWatch may even costs up to thousands of dollars, making it a new player and competitor for the premium high-end watch market. Although this may be a bit extreme, we cannot dismiss his idea as Apple in the past has differentiated itself from its competitors by pricing its products on the premium side.  Anyway, September 9 is just a couple of days away so we don’t have too long a wait to find out exactly what Apple has up its sleeve.

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