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Apple Working On A Car Project In Germany, iCar Likely To Release In 2020

Apple Working On A Car Project In Germany, iCar Likely To Release In 2020
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Apple Working On A Car Project In Germany, iCar Likely To Release In 2020

Apple has its eyes on self-driving cars and to make its dream a success, the Cupertino firm recently hired Chris Porritt, former Vice president of Tesla Motors and Aston Martin to work on its project Titan electric car venture. What’s most intriguing is that Apple is reportedly manufacturing the driverless car in a secret lab in Berlin.

German publication Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung came up with the news that the new car venture in Germany will comprise of 15 to 20 “progressive thinkers” from various departments like hardware, software, engineering and sales. The tech giant feels that a robust group of young car-industry experts can help translate a dream project into reality.

Reports suggest that the car will be dubbed iCar and will be released in the global market in 2019 or 2020. Also, the car will be available as part of a direct-sales or car-sharing program. Right, now, Apple is allegedly working in collaboration with Magna, an automotive parts supplier, according to the Mashable.

There were reports by Motor Trend last week that an estimated 1000 people were working on the Model X and S platforms and also on Model 3 chassis. Indeed, the tech giant is busy investing in its car projects to develop iconic vehicles in the years to come.

All these years, 16-year experienced Steve Zadesky was leading the car project. He, however, took exit from the company for not being able to meet expectations of senior executives. The entry of Chris Porritt in his place is observed as “a likely candidate to lead (Apple’s) electric car initiative.”

Poritt boasts an enriching experience of working on the Model X and S platforms, as well as the Model 3 chassis. In the past, he has been credited for building the company’s most iconic vehicles, including V12 Zagato and Aston Martin DB9 and One-77 supercar. Given his experience, it is believed he will successfully lead Apple’s car project, reports Investors.

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