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Apple Watch Price Drops To $299, ‘Spring Lineup’ Multiple Bands Released

Apple Watch Price Drops To $299, ‘Spring Lineup’ Multiple Bands Released
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Apple Watch Price Drops To $299, ‘Spring Lineup’ Multiple Bands Released

The Apple launch event hosted this Monday saw the release of a new mini iPhone, the iPad Pro, and multiple colored wrist bands for the Apple Watch. What surprised fans was the price drop for the Apple Watch, which went down from $349 to $299. Although there is still no mention about the Apple Watch 2, the former device got cheaper.

A slew of new band designs were introduced at the event, including a black Milanese loop strap, pale-colored Sport bands and retro-looking nylon straps. As per reports, the new nylon band is designed with four-layer construction. The band is sold in seven varied colors.

It is now a fashion statement, switching to new bands, adding to your style. The trend prompted Apple to design a whole new collection of new bands, which was introduced under the name “spring lineup” at the launch event, according to The Verge.

The Cupertino firm marks the highest record of selling more than 7 million units of Apple Watch over other smartwatches in the market. Still, Apple needs to push sales of Apple watches to catch up with the 13 million iPhone 6s and 6s Plus sales, which happened in just three days.

According to Gizmodo, the recent discount offer on the Apple Watch is a way to increase sales of the device. It is yet to be seen whether the offer helps encourage more purchases. As of now, let’s revise the features and functions of last year’s Apple Watch.

Guarded by capacitive touch screen, it is easy to tap and swipe the watch. The device comes integrated with Force touch that allows you to discover more functions while pressing harder on the screen. Adorned with a digital crown surrounding the bezel, it lets you scroll, access various features, zoom, interact with Siri, etc. The watch supports 18 hours of battery life from a single charge. (Click here to learn more about features).

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