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Apple Watch In The Shower And In Vogue

Apple Watch In The Shower And In Vogue
Image from Flickr by Houang Stephane


Apple Watch In The Shower And In Vogue

Apple Watch by Houang Stephane

Image from Flickr by Houang Stephane

Apple CEO Tim Cook was overheard saying he wears the Apple Watch “even in the shower,” according to a report from AppleInsider. The much-awaited smartwatch is slated to appear in 12 pages of Vogue magazine.

“Even in the Shower”

The AppleInsider further said Cook was heard telling Apple employees in Berlin that he wears the Apple Watch wherever he goes, “even in the shower.” He claimed he charges his watch every night, and that more features that should be friendlier to the physically challenged will be added in the future.

He was also overheard saying Apple Pay will roll out in Europe “before the end of the year.”

12 Glossy Pages Inside Vogue

The Apple Watch will appear in 12 pages of glossy print ads in the March issue of Conde Nast’s Vogue, according to Advertising Age. The adverts will appear a month ahead of its launch in April. The three editions of Apple Watch will appear in photos with white backdrops.

Apple Watch Affected Smartwatch Market in 2014

Smartwatch Group, an independent research company, said that early announcement of Apple Watch in September had affected smartwatch growth rate. According to the firm, there were 6.8 million smartwatches sold at an average price of $189 – 16 percent less than smartwatches sold at an average price of $225 in 2013. The research group said the market volume is now at $1.291 billion. While there is an 82 percent growth in 2014 as compared to 2013, this is not the growth rate expected by industry experts.

“This growth rate is less than what most industry experts expected. The early announcement of the Apple Watch in September hurt sales of competitive products, and there was no available product offering from Apple,” Pascal Koenig, Managing Partner of Smartwatch Group, said.

Koenig said the Google Android Wear was not able to lift the consumer market. The same goes with wellness and sports market companies like Garmin, Fitbit, Withings and Polar.

“So far, the mobile phone companies around Google’s operating system Android Wear have not been able to deliver on their promise. As several times in the past, it comes down to apple to reach a breakthrough in the consumer market.”

If the Apple Watch launches this year, coupled with the continuing high R&D expenses from companies around the world and the increasing number of app developers, the smartwatch market can grow to USD 8.7 billion in 2015, according to Smartwatch Group’s estimate. The average price of a single smartwatch will then increase to $290, “largely due to the effect of the Apple Watch.”


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