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Apple Watch Has Trade-ins And 15-minute Trial Programs

Apple Watch Has Trade-ins And 15-minute Trial Programs
Apple Watch, courtesy of Apple


Apple Watch Has Trade-ins And 15-minute Trial Programs

Apple Watch

Apple Watch, courtesy of Apple

The Apple Watch that rolls out on April 24 will soon be available for trade-ins through Gazelle. Meanwhile, Apple retail stores are said to be preparing stations where would-be buyers can try on the Apple Watch for 15 minutes, according to people familiar with the matter.

Trade-ins via Gazelle

Gazelle is one among many websites that allow users to trade their pre-loved devices for cash. The company has been successful with its transactions that involve Apple products. It is expecting the same level of triumph from the Apple Watch as it announced its trade-in program on March 19.

The Apple Watch is Tim Cook’s first-ever product launch since taking over as Apple’s CEO on August 2011. Gazelle sees the same level of buzz around the smartwatch that it saw from other products launched by Apple.

“Gazelle has kept our eyes on this gadget and we knew back in September that it would be a must-have device. It’s no surprise, the Apple Watch is a beautifully designed product, falling right in line with iPhones and iPads,” the company said in its announcement.

“Apple’s history has shown there is an insatiable demand for its products, due to their unparalleled design and overall ease-of-use. The wild popularity of Apple products has helped Gazelle become the leading gadget trade-in site,” the company said.


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15-minute Trial

Starting April 10, Apple retail stores will allow users to try the Apple watch for 15 minutes, 9to5Mac reported, citing people familiar with the matter. The Apple stores will have at least 10 stations where customers can try on different Apple Watch editions, the sources told 9to5Mac.

Each of the customers will be assisted by the staff to maximize the 15 minutes wearing the Apple Watch. In preparation for this, Apple staff are said to be undergoing specialized training programs in order to assist customers more effectively.

The staff will also be divided into four groups. The first group will assist customers who will try on the Apple Watch Sport and Stainless Steel editions. The second group will be divided into two teams: the first team will assist people who have already decided which of the Apple Watches they would like to purchase, while the second team will assist those who are still undecided about which casing and band to choose.

The third group will answer general queries about functions and features of the Apple Watch.

The fourth group will be comprised of highly trained personnel in terms of the Apple Watch Gold edition. According to the sources, these staff are considered Apple experts, because they have been working with the company for a considerable number of years already. The staff in the fourth group are said to have undergone various sales and customer service training.


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