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Apple Watch Delivery May Be Sooner Than Expected

Apple Watch Delivery May Be Sooner Than Expected
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Apple Watch Delivery May Be Sooner Than Expected


Image from Flickr by Shinya Suzuki

Even though Apple has unveiled its flagship product, the Apple Watch, on April 10, and people can order it online, there remains confusion with the date of the product’s delivery. According to MacRumors, the watches may be delivered before the date promised by the company. This Apple Watch news may excite a lot of customers and provide a ray of hope.

Andrew Turko, a MacRumors reader, had sent an email to company authorities asking about the delay in delivery of Apple Watch. An executive team member of Apple mentioned that the actual waiting time is lesser than the estimated one. This happened in the case of the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus, and the same may happen for the new product.

Many who ordered the watch online within the first hour were provided with a shipment slip that showed the watch will be delivered in June, July or August. The long wait already seems tiring for users who are eager to get the smartwatch.

Apple Watch availability has even become an issue when the company welcomed pre-orders for only more than 1 million watches instead of the previously planned 2.5 to 3 million. All varieties of the watch were sold out within 6 hours from the time the online shopping window opened.

Apple has announced on April 24 the actual launch date of the watch, the date when people can start receiving it. However, stores may not be able to sell the product to customers on the same date due to unavailability.

Prior to the launch, another major concern is the price of the Apple Watch. However, people received the product with open arms, ready to pay the amount the company has been charging. It is also estimated by surveyors that the sale of the smartwatch may cross benchmarks set by other products from the company.

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