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Some Apple Watch Apps To Be Rejected By June 1

Some Apple Watch Apps To Be Rejected By June 1
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Some Apple Watch Apps To Be Rejected By June 1

Apple Watch app developers will have to build apps that will run natively on the device from June 1. With the new announcement, the Cupertino firm aims at making all the Watch apps use the native OS SDK, which was introduced with watchOS 2. This, however, indicates that those Watch apps from the Apple store that failed to comply with the OS will be rejected.

The requirement has been made mandatory and was recently made officially on the Apple Developer news page recently. Native apps have been published since September, when Apple launched watchOS 2. Before that, Apple watches faced criticism of functioning slowly with apps running at a very slow pace. The apps also responded late to user input.

The Verge explained that before this mandate, all Watch apps ran on the iPhone that the smart wearable was connected to. The smartphone was responsible for processing each app that would appear on the Watch. Although this process helped to save the Watch battery life, it also meant slower apps. The reason is that it would take information a lot of time to be sent back and forth, repeatedly.

Looking into the past few months, native apps haven’t been able to make a big difference in the Apple watchOS ecosystem. While they are still running slow, the new mandate will help ensure that all future native apps are speedier than those introduced at the launch.

According to 9to5Mac, the new native watchOS2 will ensure a minimum standard for the apps going forward. The next WWDC conference will be held in June, starting June 13. It is expected that Apple will unveil watchOS3 at the conference along with the iOS 10. This means the end of support for original Watch 1.0 apps and watchOS SDK.

We had reported earlier that the Apple Watch 2 will release in September. Although, there were previous reports that the device will be launched at the WWDC in June, we will now have to wait towards the end of this year for its release.

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