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Apple Watch: 21 Apps, $20,000 Price Tag

Apple Watch: 21 Apps, $20,000 Price Tag
Image from Flickr by Houang Stephane


Apple Watch: 21 Apps, $20,000 Price Tag

Apple Watch by Houang Stephane

Image from Flickr by Houang Stephane

Big-wig developers are already on their heels creating different apps for the Apple Watch, which will be released in April. At the same time, an avid Apple blogger has discovered that the Gold Edition could be priced at around $20,000.

21 Apps

Twenty-one app developers has revealed and described their creations for the first time. The designers spoke with Wareable, and here are Morning News USA’s top five picks:

  1. American Airlines app will allow users to check their flight information, boarding gate and departure time by one-tap check-in. The app will provide users with the necessary travel details until they could gather their traveling bags. As how Ryanair CTO John Hurley put it, “people want micro-moments, micro pieces of information” while they travel.
  2. Unlocking doors and turning on lights or other appliances using the Apple Watch will be made possible by Home Remote. Developer Gary Riches said that everyday commands will be quick and convenient with Home Remote via Apple Watch. He also said voice control is a possibility in the near future.
  3. Those who tweet on-the-go will find the Infinitweet app amusing. It translates long messages to images just by following voice inputs from the user.
  4. Apple Watch owners can skim through news headlines and mark them as read-later using Feed Wrangler. “The goal is to provide a quick mechanism to check the current news,” developer David Smith told Wareable.
  5. Company presenters or people who usually facilitate a meeting will be able to control their presentations on the Apple Watch. The Prompt app will assist in keeping a presentation concise within an acceptable time frame. Users can also set sections and durations with Prompt. “It lets you know what you should be talking about, along with the time left for that section,” developer Gary Riches explained.

See the full list from Wareable.

$20k Price Tag

Prolific Apple blogger John Gruber found that the Apple Watch Limited Gold Edition may be available with a $20,000 price tag. He said Vincent Nguyen, editor-in-chief of SlashGear, mentioned the price when they chanced upon each other at an exclusive media event.

In his analysis of the luxury watch market, he said there are people who buy gold watches for simply liking gold, while there are some who buy such watches for mere bragging rights. The $20,000 price tag may be overwhelming, “but the latter group will gladly pay $20,000 for a watch with gold band,” Gruber wrote.

Gruber said that the Apple Watch is not a tech product but a luxury wrist watch; hence, the company priced it just how a luxury piece should be priced. Gruber said Apple’s ambitions in the luxury watch category “are almost boundless.”

“They’re not entering the market against Rolex, Omega, and the rest of the Swiss luxury watch establishment with disruptive prices. They’re entering the market against those companies going head-to-head on pricing, with disruptive features,” Gruber wrote.

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