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Apple Watch 2016: No Major Design Changes Until 2017

Apple Watch 2016: No Major Design Changes Until 2017
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Apple Watch 2016: No Major Design Changes Until 2017

Whenever you speak of the next Apple gadget, design changes are always a welcome change. As the brand doesn’t adopt major design changes quickly, people always look forward to announcements regarding new looks. Rumors of Apple Watch 2016 are saying that this time, the watch may sport a new design.

The release of Apple Watch 2016 is a far away dream for now. We might just have to wait until 2017 for a major design change. According to Apple Insider, Ming-Chi Kuo, he believes that “this year’s second-generation Apple Watch will feature improved internal components, but its external design will be largely unchanged from the first-generation model.” The has also suggested that “this year’s model is expected to be much like the iPhone tick-tock upgrade schedule, with an “s” update focusing on the internal components rather than the external design.”

Does that mean that Apple Watch 2016 is going to be the next iPhone and iPhone a gen next tablet? We all know what is to be expected from the upcoming iPhone. If rumors turn out true, this smartphone is undergoing some major design changes. The news is similar with Watch 2, Apple is building iPhone from the scratch and introducing features like notifications, payment, etc. What we need to know is does the new Apple watch get additional features that already exist on iPhones. There are going to be improvements on the specs front for sure.

Apple Insider also said that “the claims are consistent with a rumor dating back to last July, which claimed the second-generation Apple Watch would feature an essentially identical design to the first model, focusing on internal components such as a larger battery and a display with improved outdoor visibility.” Not much information has been given by Mr. Kuo.

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