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Apple Watch 2 Rumors: Advanced Features, A 2016 Release Date

Apple Watch 2 Rumors: Advanced Features, A 2016 Release Date
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Apple Watch 2 Rumors: Advanced Features, A 2016 Release Date

Speculations about the second generation of Apple Watch have been plenty ever since Apple released the first watch. People are expecting changes and improvement in the flagship product of the company and that has given rise to Apple Watch 2 rumors.

Apple Watch was announced in September 2014. People started getting them on their wrists starting April this year. As people started getting their hands on the product, they started to understand that the watch is not perfect and will be great if it had some additional features. The Apple Watch 2 release date is still unknown, but people are curious to know what will be offered.

9to5mac has boosted the rumors of a new Apple Watch and stated that a source has revealed that Apple is planning to release it in 2016. There are several features expected to be included in the watch.

FaceTime Video Camera

It is expected and speculated that the new Apple Watch will come with a video camera at the top bezel. The users will be able to receive FaceTime calls. During the WWDC 2015, Apple talked about its interest to improve functionality of FaceTime with watchOS 2.0. Currently, users can either answer video calls from their iPhone or even reject the call. The Apple Watch 2 may allow users to receive video calls from the watch itself.

Independence from iPhone

Apple Watch is quite dependent on the iPhone and most of the apps are made to connect the watch with the phone. With the new generation of Apple Watch, dependence toward iPhone will decrease and the watch will have more independent functionality. There are several features that can work solely with Wi-Fi connectivity but they don’t really work. The rumor suggests that Apple will be including more dynamic wireless chipset into the watch which will enable it to do some small tasks that are not possible till date.

Better Battery Life

Battery life has been a big issue for the Apple Watch before its release. People were worried how long the watch will sustain with a single charge. The watch battery expires in the evening, and the pressure it puts on the iPhone battery has to be sorted out. However, according to Apple, most of the users are satisfied with the battery and nighttime charging is good enough for them. Apple may be increasing the battery life a bit but that is not going to be the major concern.

Changed Design

Apple may be changing the design of the watch a bit and it can be somewhat between the steel Apple Watch (£949) and the Apple Watch Edition (£8,000).

There has been no official comment from the Apple team on the launch of the Apple Watch 2. Keep checking this space for more updates and we will let you know once something solid comes on the surface.

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