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Apple Watch 2 Release Date: Here’s What Suppliers Are Saying

Apple Watch 2 Release Date: Here’s What Suppliers Are Saying
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Apple Watch 2 Release Date: Here’s What Suppliers Are Saying

Recent reports have indicated that Apple Inc. may be considering on holding off on unveiling of the Apple Watch 2 until much later this year.

There were actually previous reports of Apple launching the Apple Watch 2 as early as March. Recent situation with Apple suppliers, however, make it clear that this might not be possible. Instead, it seems that Apple will make the new Apple Watch available around September this year instead, after a refresh cycle of 18 months. Moreover, BGR reports that Creative Strategies analyst Ben Bajarin had said that he sees no indication that there is a significant Apple Watch 2 update being worked on as of the moment.

Meanwhile, it is also possible that the decision to schedule the launch of the Apple Watch 2 for the latter part of the year may have something to do with the manufacturing partner that Apple had tapped for their wearable device. Taiwan company, Quanta Computer, was actually responsible for the production of the first generation Apple Watch and will also be the company that will produce the Apple Watch 2. According to tech website MacRumors, Quanta had reported experience lower than expected profits last year when it came to the original Apple Watch. According to Quanta’s financials, the company had actually experienced negative growth in sales during several months last year. Because of this, it is possible that Apple is also taking the time to look for other suppliers when it comes to the said watch. Companies who may be under consideration include Wistron, Inventec and Foxconn.

Meanwhile, it is expected that the upcoming Apple Watch 2 will have a thinner case, upgraded WiFi chip and a FaceTime camera.

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