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Apple vs FBI: NSA Denies Help, As Snowden Feels Claims are Baseless

Apple vs FBI: NSA Denies Help, As Snowden Feels Claims are Baseless
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Apple vs FBI: NSA Denies Help, As Snowden Feels Claims are Baseless

While the ongoing battle between Apple and the FBI has been grabbing a lot of media attention, a recent allegation raised by Director, James Comey, came as a blow against the NSA. Although the National Security Agency (NSA) was not named directly in the San Bernardino case by the agency, the implication was clear.

NSA is responsible for keeping vigilance over those areas that concern national security. It has the power and resources to amass the most confidential data in transit and even break into specific devices like the iPhones. Despite having the power, the NSA denied to offer political support to the FBI. Even the key officials working for the NSA criticized the FBI’s fight against Apple, according to Reuters reports.

The NSA prefers a different approach for investigating cases, and using technology, as opposed to FBI’s dealing with locked iPhones. For years, the NSA and FBI have been in loggerheads over encryption cases, but the recent Apple versus FBI battle has thrust that divide into the spotlight. Unlike the FBI who’s forcing Apple to get access to the locked iPhone, the NSA prefers to follow a more adversarial approach, reports The Verge.

Former Central Intelligence Agency employee, Edward Snowden feels that the FBI’s claims against Apple is quite baseless since there are ways the Bureau could break into the code without seeking the tech company’s help. In a recently published news by The Intercept, Snowden commented, “The FBI says Apple has the ‘exclusive technical means. Respectfully, that’s bulls**t.”

The FBI is worried that after trying 10 different PIN codes in a row, the iPhone would delete all data automatically. In this context, Snowden discredits the agency’s claims, saying that the government investigators could physically remove the memory from the iPhone’s mainboard, and copy the content to somewhere else. Then, they can try different password combinations without having to worry about losing data from the iPhone, eventually.

However, the FBI might argue that it is a tedious and time-consuming process, and so it needs Apple to help out break the code so that they can get more leads in the San Bernardino case.

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