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Apple to Unveil iOS 7.1 in March with Improved Mobile Device Management

Apple to Unveil iOS 7.1 in March with Improved Mobile Device Management


Apple to Unveil iOS 7.1 in March with Improved Mobile Device Management

iOS 7.1 is on the verge of adding its much anticipated update to its mobile OS for better device management that should reach the general public around March 15. Concerning the features included in the device, iOS in the car will be the major update together with some aesthetic tweaks, and other general improvements.

Apparently, it seems as if Apple is going to modify the Mobile Device Management system considerably that will be complemented by the supplementary “volume services” that web client is set to launch with iOS 7.1.

This particular piece of news is revealed by the Apple Insider that sites an unverified source about the collaboration of the Apple with the vendors of Mobile Device Management systems. This partnership might result in something extraordinary in the deployment of iOS. Although, it is not wise to rely on the unverified sources, however, there is some slight evidence that such collaboration is in progress. This evidence is supported by the actions of the site of Volume Services to launch mobile device management enrollment alongside iOS 7.1 as well as ability to buy apps and books in volume.

Once the mobile device management system is deployed, it will be utilized in a plethora of applications such as monitoring of deployed iOS devices, and other implementations across numerous institutions.

Enterprise and educations have always been target areas of focus by Apple, but with only slight applications in the past such as iTunes U. There is tremendous scope of improvement in this regard. With mobile device management features, it will be possible for teachers to remotely monitor the iOS devices applications used by the students. The remote monitoring features provide more leverage to the tablets as compared to merely using them for entertainment purposes.

Considering the applications of mobile device management in business, it is quite possible to configure fleets of mobile devices with central control. This system could also be used to control the installation of apps in the system as well as securing certain profiles.

If there is any remote truth associated with these pieces of news, the game will change altogether for Apple. However, further evidence could shed some light on the intentions of Apple in terms of having a unique kind of mobile device management feature in its armory. These innovative features will play a huge role in growth of market of Apple’s devices.

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