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Apple To Enter Self-Driving Car Market With Project Titan

Apple To Enter Self-Driving Car Market With Project Titan
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Apple To Enter Self-Driving Car Market With Project Titan

Though the company has chosen to keep quiet, the documentation of correspondence between GoMentum Station and Apple obtained by The Guardian proves that Apple is working on “Project Titan,” a self-driving car.

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What is the documentation all about?

The correspondence in the document confirms that Apple is looking for space and safe sites to test the project. In the documentation, Frank Fearon, Apple Engineer, wrote, “We would … like to get an understanding of timing and availability for the space, and how we would need to coordinate around other parties who would be using [it].”

Apple’s has been taking car business quite seriously since a long time now. This can be proved by what Jeff Williams, Apple’s Senior Vice President, had said in May at the Code Reference. He had mentioned that cars are the ultimate mobile device. He also added that the company is exploring different markets. These statements backed with the documentation are enough proof that Apple is now moving into cars, and not just any other car market, but into an advanced technology market – that is, the market of self-driving cars.

If the documentation is to be believed, the project is a distant dream with the status of work in progress.

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Why is Apple in talks with GoMentum Station?

GoMentum station is a World War II era facility no longer in use, and is also at a safe distance from cities and highways which makes this place perfect for testing.

With regards to GoMentum, the officials said, “It is the largest secure test facility in the world for the testing validation and commercialization of connected vehicle (CV) applications and autonomous vehicles (AV) technologies to define the next generation of transportation network infrastructure.”

Looks like after capturing the smartphone market, Apple is all set to take over and lead the self-driving cars market.

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