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Apple To Discontinue iPhone 5C Production By 2015

Apple To Discontinue iPhone 5C Production By 2015


Apple To Discontinue iPhone 5C Production By 2015

Apple To Discontinue iPhone 5C Production By 2015Apple may have a plan to discontinue of its most colorful mobile handset, the iPhone 5C, as a report says that manufacturers of the said unit are winding down production in 2015.

Taiwan’s Industrial and Commercial Times published a report saying that both FoxConn and Winstron will cease producing the iDevice in the middle of 2015 but did not mention any reason for the production stoppage. Some quarters mention that declining demand for the iDevices is the most likely culprit for its forthcoming demise but this is just conjecture and the Cupertino firm has not yet commented nor confirmed this.

Together with the iPhone 5S, Apple introduced the iPhone 5C last year as an alternative low-cost device targeting the emerging markets and the youth who Apple thought would be drawn to their colorful but less featured offering.  It was also Apple’s return to the use of plastic instead of the more expensive aluminum housing employed for their then-premium handset, the iPhone 5S.  The iPhone 5C also lacked the Touch ID FingerPrint Sensor and the much faster A7 processor used in the 5S.  The iPhone 5C came in five vibrant colors and has a starting price of $99 for the base configuration.  Now, the 8GB iPhone 5C can be had for free with a two-year locked-in contract with carriers – a promo offered by Apple which began last March of this year.

Upon its launch, demand and sales for the iPhone 5C was less than stellar and fell short of expectations. Though more expensive, customer seem to prefer the high-end iPhone 5S than the affordable 5C and a survey conducted by research company CIRP in January of this year showed that the iPhone 5S accounted for 59 percent of iPhones sold in the last quarter of 2013.  The iPhone 5C, on the other hand, only scored 27 percent of sales.

Last September, Apple introduced its newest and biggest iPhones to date: the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 and the huge 5.5-inch iPhone 6 plus.  Still, the Cupertino firm decided to continue selling the iPhone 5S bundled with a contract at a starting price of $99.  It’s not unusual for Apple to phase out devices which have already lost their charm in the market as the Fruit Firm introduce new and more powerful units to consumer – another reason some quarters mention which may have contributed to the iPhone 5C’s pull out by next year.

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