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Apple testing solar and wireless charging on iWatch

Apple testing solar and wireless charging on iWatch


Apple testing solar and wireless charging on iWatch

Apple iWatchThere has always been the battery life problem in the world of technology, ever since mobile devices became a thing, companies have failed to make smartphones that run for more than a few days and offer powerful internals.

Apple has a particularly sore reputation when it comes to battery life, the iPhone failed to stay over two days and the iPad also runs out extremely quickly for a tablet. The company is working on making sure the iWatch does not have the same problems.

The iWatch could be the first Apple device to come with wireless charging, allowing users to put the smartwatch on a wireless pad and let it charge. We are not sure if Apple will use the Qi standard or their own proprietary technology, our bets are on the latter.

What this does mean is Apple’s looking into wireless charging and it could mean the iPhone 6 will come with the new charging method. Apple could even bring this to products like the iPad, making sure the whole lineup of tech can use their pads.

Wireless charging is not the only solution Apple is currently testing out; solar charging is another feature Apple may add to the iWatch. Solar charging has been tested before, on both the iPhone and iPod, but the company failed to deliver it in their final release.

The main reason was the product spends most of its time in a pocket or on a bench, whereas the iWatch will be on the wrist, most of the time. This will allow users to charge the iWatch in the sun and when walking around, unless the place you live is extremely cold and never sunny.

The report also says Apple is looking at movement as a possible way of charging the smartwatch. This is highly unlikely considering the technology is still not good and would bring even lower yield rates to the iWatch.

We are most likely going to see Apple introduce the iWatch at WWDC this year. Sources have said the product will mainly feature first party fitness and possible wireless payments, alongside a new way to receive notifications.

It will not be until late this year when we finally are able to get our hands on the iWatch, we suspect Apple will hold out until September/October time, where they will announce an event for the iWatch reveal.

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