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Apple Testing Li-Fi Technology For iPhone 7?

Apple Testing Li-Fi Technology For iPhone 7?
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Apple Testing Li-Fi Technology For iPhone 7?

After Wi-Fi or wireless technology, the tech world is now focusing on Li-Fi or light-based technology.

After Wi-Fi or wireless technology, the tech world is now focusing on Li-Fi or light-based technology. According to some reports on Twitter, Apple is experimenting with this new technology, which is expected to appear in its upcoming iPhone 7 phones this year.

According to Apple Insider, Twitter user Chase Fromm first spotted the mention of “LiFiCapability” in the iOS 9.1 operating system’s library cache file. The news indicating references of Li-Fi in recent versions of iOS is expected to ensure long-term replacement for Wi-Fi technology. Defined as an experimental high-speed wireless networking protocol, Li-Fi uses and transmits data by rapidly modulating a light source. Similarly, Li-Fi technology receives data with a light sensor before it is reassembled into an electronic signal.

The technology works at high speeds of up to 224 gigabits per second. It uses visible light and helps in modulating data sent or received in a manner barely visible to the human eyes. Li-Fi technology is in the experimental phase right now, but several companies are trying to commercialize the technology to reach out to millions of people through electronic devices.

While Apple is still researching the technology, it is already used by Velmenni in many pilot projects. With the use of the technology, it is possible to send data up to a speed of 1GBps, 100 times faster than current Wi-Fi technologies., reports IBTimes.

Further reports say that Apple is also working on hardware-implementations for optical wireless communication and light-based wireless data transfer. A patent application filed by Apple in 2013 describes the optical modulation method with the use of an image sensor. reports that the technology is distinctly different from wireless communication since it does not use radio frequency signals for transmitting data. If Apple is successful in implementing the Li-Fi technology it can change the way smartphone users enjoy internet connection.

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