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Apple-Taylor Swift Feud A PR Stunt

Apple-Taylor Swift Feud A PR Stunt
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Apple-Taylor Swift Feud A PR Stunt

Taylor Swift has made Apple bow down to her demand of paying artists like her during Apple Music’s free three-month trial period. The world heralded both Swift and Apple for a smooth, progressive business negotiation.

On the other hand, there are truthers who know better. For them, the whole hullaballoo was just an elaborate publicity stunt both for Swift and Apple.

Former Pandora exec Tom Conrad put it simply when he said, “There is too much animus between artists & Silicon Valley. We shouldn’t herald this move as progress. It’s status quo.”

Eddy Cue personally calls Swift to inform of the change

Swift penned an open letter to Apple on behalf of “the new artist or band that has just released their first single and will not be paid for its success… the young songwriter who just got his or her first cut and thought that the royalties from that would get them out of debt… the producer who works tirelessly to innovate and create, just like the innovators and creators at Apple are pioneering in their field…but will not get paid for a quarter of a year’s worth of plays on his or her songs.”

Within hours, senior vice president of internet services and software Eddy Cue announced Apple will now be paying the artists. In an interview with Billboard, Cue said he was awakened by Swift’s letter.

“When I woke up this morning and saw what Taylor had written, it really solidified that we needed a change. And so that’s why we decide we will now pay artists during the trial period,” Cue told Billboard.

He said that Apple never intended not to pay artists but instead tried to negotiate a higher royalty rate which all parties will adhere in.

Cue said he personally called Swift to inform him of Apple’s decision to pay for the whole trial period.

“I let her know that we heard her concerns and are making the changes. We have a long relationship with Taylor so I wanted her to hear directly from us,” Cue shared.

“She was thrilled and very thankful and excited to see how quick we responded,” Cue said of Swift’s reaction.

Cue said Apple has deep respect for what artists do and that the change will be for the long term.

Hooray for the PR Stunt!

The incident painted a progressive picture of both Swift and Apple. Except that, some did not buy it. They know better, they said.

Also one of them is Pandora former exec Tom Conrad who had an eight-point response to Apple and Swift.



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