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Apple Starts iTunes Pass Payment System

Apple Starts iTunes Pass Payment System


Apple Starts iTunes Pass Payment System

Apple Starts iTunes Pass Payment SystemApple Inc has started implementing its new iTunes Pass feature in the US. iOS users in other countries like Canada, Australia, the UK, and Germany can also start using the Passbook system in refilling their iTunes accounts through depositing money at various brick-and-mortar locations of Apple Stores.

This is not actually the first time that this feature is introduced by the technology giant. The Passbook system was already launched in Japan before the US roll out. It is expected that it will soon be rolled out in other countries in the coming months.

How to use Passbook

To begin using the convenient Passbook system, simply get into the iTunes Store on the iDevice. Proceed to the ‘Redeem’ button. From there, follow the instructions.

Take note that iTunes Pass should not be confused with Apple’s previous short-lived music subscription service. It is accessible through the Passbook. What makes the system different is that it facilitates easier depositing of money into its digital account.

A user does not need to use gift cards or credit cards just to put funds into the system. He just needs to drop by any Apple retail store and ask the personnel for the top-up service. There is an option to deposit money in cash or credit.

Instantly, the iTunes balance would be updated so it could be used immediately. This system could be advantageous to users who don’t readily have access to any line of credit like students. Now, even without a credit card, users can put money into their iTunes so they could make the purchases they want to transact.

What’s more? Passbook also allows its customers to use it for redemption of points or funds at different businesses. Those establishments include Starbucks and airlines.

Bigger scheme

With the launch of Passbook, many analysts could not help but wonder if this could be the start of Apple’s bigger scheme to target online or virtual payments. At the start of the year, speculations had emerged that Cupertino keeps plans to get into the mobile payments market.

Previously, there were reports that the company is preparing for its entry into the electronic payment business that is supported by credit card piles on file. But as expected, Apple has remained silent about such speculations. 

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