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Apple Silently Discontinues iPod Classic

Apple Silently Discontinues iPod Classic


Apple Silently Discontinues iPod Classic

Apple Silently Discontinues iPod ClassicAs expected, Apple Inc has finally decided to see its iconic iPod classic go. After about 13 years in the market and after four years of no updates, the giant technology firm has slowly and quietly discontinued the product through removing it from its own online store.

But iPod classic would remain in the significant history not just of the company but also of the music industry in general. When the first model of it was launched on October 23, 2001, it proved t be a revelation, although it was quite expensive at $399 per unit. However, the first users attest that was very easy to use. It also gave way to so-called music storage when it came with 5MB of storage.

As years went by, the newer iterations of iPod classic became less expensive with greater storage. Not surprisingly, the iPod line spelled the doom for cassette players and portable CD players, which preceded it. It also spoiled the once promising business for MP3 players, which during that time was starting to be popular in the market but soon became obsolete.

iPod lineup remains

However, this is not an obituary yet for the iPod line. iPod touch is expected to remain available in the market for still some time as well as the familiar iPod Shuffle and the larger iPod nano. For now, they can already serve as collectible items before they go too soon.

In the modern world where smartphones, particularly iPhones do more, including the functions of iPods, it can be expected that soon, voice recorders, point-and-shoot cameras, camcorders, and personal digital assistants will be obsolete.

The iPod legacy

What made the iPod classic standout during its time? Simply put, the product has been great for all casual audio listeners. It was very simple to use. A user only has to learn how to work with the Click Wheel. The device also worked well with third-party speakers and docks, making it truly ahead of its time.

In 2004, the iPod classic paved the way for other important Apple products like the expanded lineup, including iPod mini, iPod shuffle, and iPod nano. By this time, it was clear that rival Sony Corp’s Walkman era was finally over. Today, as Apple introduces a new type of product in the form of the smartwatch Apple Watch, observers can only hope that it does well just like the iPod classic, which is  bidding us all goodbye. 

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