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Apple Says PCalc App And Widget Can Stay In App Store

Apple Says PCalc App And Widget Can Stay In App Store


Apple Says PCalc App And Widget Can Stay In App Store

Apple Says PCalc App And Widget Can Stay In App StoreIn an uncommon twist of event, Apple had taken back a decision to ban calculator app and widget, PCalc, from the app store after the company notified its creator, James Thomson, a day before that the widget part of his app had to be removed because Notification Center widgets should not be able to do any calculations.

The PCalc widget, which has become popular with a lot of users, was removed from the app store due to a use case which Apple did not foresee.  Saying that the widget was not within Apple’s guidelines for widgets which can be put in the Notification Center, Thomson was given two to three weeks to revise his app and remove the widget part before re-submitting his app to the store. But since having the widget part of the app was vital to the whole point of the app function, removing it would nullify the usefulness of the app itself.

Because the decision to remove the app and its accompanying widget from the store generated considerable media attention, Apple had decided to take a second look at the app function which eventually led to their decision to maintain PCalc in the app store. Apple has very strict rules when it comes to app extensions like widgets described in its documentation and has repeatedly reminded developers that their app extensions should not use too much resources especially within widgets and to reserve full demand for system resources to the app itself and not the app extension.

Thomson’s PCalc became a favorite calculator app because of its very handy Notification Center widget that users can access quickly and easily without leaving the main app they are working on.  The widget also allows users full functionality by switching to the full app with just a tap on the widget’s display.

PCalc was also one of the first apps for iOS 8 to be featured in the App Store garnering a lot of great reviews for its functionality and ease of use. With Apple reversing its decision to pull it from the store, users can now continue to enjoy the myriad features the app provides.

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