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This Apple Robot Destroys iPhones & Here’s Why

This Apple Robot Destroys iPhones & Here’s Why


This Apple Robot Destroys iPhones & Here’s Why

Apple’s newest project, an in house developed robot called Liam, has been designed to take apart one’s old iPhone for recycling parts.

At the March 21 launch on Monday, Apple’s environmental initiatives were discussed by the vice president of Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives Lisa Jackson. The tech giant’s latest device – the in house designed robot Liam, created to take apart iPhones and recycle old parts into useful components – also made a debut at the event, as reported by Apple Insider.

The robot identifies parts of the iPhone and dismantles them securely so that they can be recycled and reused. At the event, Jackson highlighted how specific parts can be refurbished to perform other functions. For example, tungsten from the vibrator from the phones can be reused as cutting tools and the silver from logic board may find its use as solar panel components. In addition, undesirable and potentially harmful chemicals like cobalt and lithium are also removed from the battery.

“In a world with limited resources,” the video of Liam’s debut says, “some things can’t be replaced.”

According to ZDNet, 93 percent of the company’s facilities operate on renewable energy. It has also achieved the 100 percent mark in as many as 23 countries including the United States and China. Apple is also contributing towards establishment of solar arrays on rooftops in Singapore and a solar farm in China.

Liam’s arrival could enhance Apple’s environmental reputation and conserve costs if the older parts can be recycled and reused. The company celebrates its 40th birthday on April 1.

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