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Apple releases new “Shot on iPhone” Video for Mothers Day

Apple releases new “Shot on iPhone” Video for Mothers Day
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Apple releases new “Shot on iPhone” Video for Mothers Day

Apple just released its new ad for ‘Shot on iPhone’ campaign conveying its support for Mothers day. The video is definitely worth the watch, featuring images and a short video for 30 seconds that portrays motherhood.

The video on YouTube says, “Celebrating motherhood through the lens of iPhone users around the world.” and features the song “Because You Are Who You Are” by K.S Rhodes and content from photographers who’s names are credited along, below the video. Recently, Apple has been releasing a lot of advertisements. Last week the company released two iPhone 6s ads flaunting its 4k camera in a video called “onions” and Touch ID feature in “Fingerprint”.

The company also released videos that showed its support for Earth Day and renewable energy. Laying aside its casual celebrity style ad, the company is producing emotional campaigns, setting their goal for love and passion.

With the iPhone 7 announcement closing in (September 7th), the innovative campaigns directed towards humanity could be its initial effort to get the consumers attention. Apple has been known for its ‘Shot on iPhone” campaign which over the years have produced convincing videos and also won one of the top prizes at Cannes Grand Prix festival.

The increase in its ad campaigning could also be due to the company’s setback with Q2 and the Murder Mystery after its results, perhaps the campaigns can bring back its brand image before the official announcement of iPhone 7. However, the dumping of its shares by billionaire Carl Icahn has currently put the company in a tough spot.

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