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Apple To Release ‘Beastly’ iPhone 7 Pro

Apple To Release ‘Beastly’ iPhone 7 Pro
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Apple To Release ‘Beastly’ iPhone 7 Pro

Apple is expected to announce several devices during its March 21 event, including the iPhone SE. However, even with a new phone in tow, reports are already buzzing about a new iPhone in the works, the iPhone 7 Pro. Will this be Apple’s next smartphone killer?

The purpose of the iPhone SE is to provide people with the option to upgrade to a newer but still 4-inch smartphone. Many studies have shown the lingering interest over devices of such size. Nonetheless, as Apple seeks to please this market, the company is also supposedly building a “beast.”

According to Forbes, Apple is preparing an iPhone 7 Pro edition, which is a 5.5-inch flagship device to be offered on top of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus variants. All phones are expected to be released around September. What makes it stand out? The revolutionary dual lens camera module it will feature.

Furthermore, it appears that MacRumors already got a hold of the first set of pictures of the said device. The images came initially from Chinese website Bastille Post, in which user Cmmig posted it under the PhilMUG forums.

The images offer a closer look at the supposed iPhone 7 Plus complete with the mentioned dual-lens camera and pill shaped enclosure. This is different from the two separate circular camera openings that were reported earlier. It is still not yet clear whether all editions of the iPhone 7 will have the dual lens system, but at least the photos potentially confirm that one of such will feature it.

Apple has not released the official details of the mentioned phones yet, so all things must be taken with a grain of salt. Other expected features include 12MP sensor, optical zoom capabilities, and upgraded processor.

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