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Apple Products Galore Scheduled In October

Apple Products Galore Scheduled In October


Apple Products Galore Scheduled In October

Apple Products Galore Scheduled In OctoberWith the overwhelming pre-order sales success of Apple’s new iPhones, the unveiling of its first-ever wearable device, the Apple Watch, and the recent release of its mobile operating system iOS 8, Apple is not yet through with their barrage of updates as rumors are rife that the Cupertino company will host another media affair this coming October.

Nothing surprising about this rumor though, as Apple has already done an October media event last year where the fruit firm introduced its iPad Air and the iPad Mini with Retina display.

Although nothing definite yet, the murmurings say that Apple will be announcing their refreshed line of iPad Air and iPad Mini during this October event. This will be the sixth iteration of the bigger iPad while it will be third for the Mini. The updated iPads are expected to sport Apple TouchID with fingerprint sensors and will most likely be powered by the A8, the same processors under the hood of the new iPhones.

During this rumored October event, Apple may also discuss in length how the Continuity feature of OS X Yosemite will totally connect and complete Apple’s circle of products. Apple may also finally announce a release date for its refreshed OS X operating system.

Though there are some talks about the MacBook Air getting its own upgrade to a Retina Display and a new ultra-svelte form factor, the 11-inch and 13-inch MacBooks with non-Retina displays received their own limited updates and price cuts just recently this April. Still, some quarters hold that a totally redesigned MacBook Air will be announced for 2015 and will unify the line – coming out in one 12-inch Retina Display screen size, an extremely quiet fan-less body, a click-less trackpad and fewer peripheral connections.

The iMac line is also rumored to receive the Retina Display upgrade but as there is even less talk about this, let’s just say that it is not in Apple’s priorities right now. Apple’s high-end Thunderbolt Display is more likely to receive the coveted Retina upgrade as fans of the new cylindrical Mac Pro have been craving for it since the premium desktop’s release in 2013.

Lastly, Apple’s well-loved pet project, the Apple TV has also been rumored to get some updates in the form of additional inputs and reinforced support for third-party apps.

Still a month away from October’s end but it appears that Apple is already gearing up for another media event that will again rattle the competition.

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