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Apple Patent Case: Battle Continues, Supreme Court Agrees To Hear Out Samsung

Apple Patent Case: Battle Continues, Supreme Court Agrees To Hear Out Samsung
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Apple Patent Case: Battle Continues, Supreme Court Agrees To Hear Out Samsung

A decision was reached, fines were paid, and that was the end – or so we thought! Apple and Samsung will not become friends anytime soon. And the feud, which has been quiet for some time, is meant to become noisy again as the Supreme Court decided to hear the latest of Samsung’s appeal in the Apple patent case.

Reuters reports that this Monday, the US Supreme Court has stepped into the patent war between Apple and Samsung. It was reported that the court has agreed to hear the South Korean company’s appeal of excessive penalties for copying the patented designs of the Cupertino firm’s iPhone.

It could be recalled that last December, Apple won, and Samsung was assigned a fine it must pay to the American company for a related jury verdict from 2012. The Korean tech company has so far paid Apple Inc more than $548 million USD then. However Samsung has filed a request to the Supreme court to re-examine the case where they seek to pay back $399 million USD of that amount.

CNET reports that just this February, the Cupertino company reacted and said that the Apple patent case was “legally unexceptional” and asked the Supreme court to not “prolong” the fight against Samsung. It also argued that the case did not present enough questions to require a resolution at the top of the US judicial system. And now, we hear the court granting the Korean firm a chance to be heard.

With the court decision out, Samsung says that it welcomes the court’s willingness to hear its case. It also released a statement saying that “the court’s review of this case can lead to a fair interpretation of patent law that will support creativity and reward innovation.”

Meanwhile, Apple declined to comment; instead, its company attorneys filed a response to the Korean firm’s motion, saying, “moving forward with proceedings in this case would promote the orderly course of justice.” The Cupertino tech firm will also argue how much time and work it has put into preparing the trial. It also noted that the trial is expected to take about a week.

Apple filling also says that “granting Samsung’s motion to stay proceedings now would forfeit the substantial time and resources that the court and the parties have poured into preparing for the upcoming trial and hearing on supplemental damages.”

It also states that “a stay could result in a delay of a year or more, and would necessitate a second, equally costly outlay of resources when the stay is lifted — all of which will be for naught if the Supreme Court affirms the Federal Circuit’s ruling applying the long-settled law of design patent damages.”

On the other hand, the case between the two, for those who forgot, involves common smartphone features Apple is already holding, including the flat screen, the rectangular shape with rounded corners, a rim plus a screen of icons. The next chapter of this Apple vs. Samsung 15-777 will be argued by the court’s new term which will begin in October, adds Townhall.

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