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Apple Now Accepts All Used Apple Products for Recycling

Apple Now Accepts All Used Apple Products for Recycling


Apple Now Accepts All Used Apple Products for Recycling

Apple Now Accepts All Used Apple Products for RecyclingApple has officially announced that all of the company’s stores will now accept any Apple product for recycling for free. Also, if Apple deems your device resalable, the company will even offer Apple gift cards in exchange. This initiative comes as part of the company’s Environmental Responsibility campaign to “leave the world better than we found it.”

While giving away Apple gift cards in exchange for iPhones and iPods still in resalable condition isn’t something new to the company as some of their 420 worldwide stores had already been doing that but now all of the company’s stores anywhere in the world will recycle any Apple product at no charge.

“Every Apple Retail Store in the world will take back Apple products for free, responsible recycling. We’ve also set up recycling programs in cities and college campuses in 95 percent of the countries where our products are sold, diverting more than 421 million pounds of equipment from landfills since 1994. In regions where we don’t have takeback programs with physical dropoff/pickup locations, we arrange for pickup, transport, and environmentally sound recycling of electronics.”

Other recycling programs by Apple include allowing consumers to bring their old iPods to any Apple store for recycling and get 10 percent off on a new one. Apple Stores will also accept any mobile phone from any brand and Apple will recycle it for free as well.

“And it’s not just Apple products that we recycle at these events. In fact, over 90 percent of the products we collect and recycle are not our own.”

As previously mentioned, these recycling initiatives are part of Apple’s Environmental Responsibility campaign that also include initiatives for renewal energy; Apple’s four US-based data centers now use only renewable energy which include biogas, wind, solar and hydroelectric power. Around 94 percent of the power used by Apple’s offices around the world is also sourced from renewable energy sources. Lastly, 120 of Apple’s retail stores in the US are powered with renewable energy. Greenpeace recently praised Apple for their efforts describing them as the most innovative and aggressive company pursuing the aim of being 100 percent renewably-powered.

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