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Stop Apple From Removing iPhone 7 Headphone Jack; Here’s Where To Sign The Petition

Stop Apple From Removing iPhone 7 Headphone Jack; Here’s Where To Sign The Petition


Stop Apple From Removing iPhone 7 Headphone Jack; Here’s Where To Sign The Petition

iPhone fans are signing a petition asking the company to not remove the iPhone 7 headphone jack from the upcoming phone. Sign the petition now.

News broke out that Apple is planning to remove the iPhone 7 headphone jack. This headphone jack will be replaced by a multipurpose lightning connector for ear pods. Why is Apple looking for an alternative for iPhone’s 3.5 mm headphone jack? Because the company is finally looking forward to designing a thinner iPhone.

This Apple news has been doing the rounds in the tech industry since 2015. Days before the latest iPhone launch is announced, people are taking the iPhone 7 headphone jack issue seriously. The news has been a big disappointment for iPhone users. It seems that fans would happily settle down for a thicker smartphone but not give up their headphone jack. And this decision is truly wise, as an alternative will only mean extra charges for unwanted accessories.

To make their demands clear, iPhone fans are signing a petition against Apple’s decision to skip the iPhone 7 headphone jack. Sum Of Us has started a movement where people who do not want Apple to introduce this change can sign the petition. As of writing, more than 200,000 users have signed the petition. Here is the full text:

“Apple is about to rip off every one of its customers. Again. Forbes and FastCompany are reporting that Apple plans to ditch the standard 3.5mm headphone jack when it releases the iPhone 7 later this year. Only a massive international campaign can force Apple to change course now. Not only will this force iPhone users to dole out additional cash to replace their hi-fi headphones, it will singlehandedly create mountains of electronic waste — that likely won’t get recycled. According to the United Nations, up to 90% of the world’s electronic waste is illegally traded or dumped each year. Tell Apple to respect its customers and our planet. Keep the standard headphone jack. This is right out of the Apple corporate playbook. A few years ago it swapped out the original iPod-dock connector with a new one, making countless cords, cables and chargers obsolete. Apple plays up its green credentials, but the truth is that Apple only invested in renewable energy, and began phasing out toxic chemicals when public pressure became too strong to ignore. People power did it before, and we can do it again. Tell Apple to keep the standard headphone jack and ditch planned obsolescence!”

Want to be part of the movement? Sign the petition here.

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