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Apple Music Vs Spotify Vs Tidal: Which One Should You Use?

Apple Music Vs Spotify Vs Tidal: Which One Should You Use?
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Apple Music Vs Spotify Vs Tidal: Which One Should You Use?

Apple Music, Spotify and Tidal are the three most prominent players of the current online music streaming industry, which has experienced a great boom at recent times and is expected to have bigger shares with the increasing numbers of smartphone users.

So these three brands are now actually at war to grab a higher market share. On the other hand, Apple Music has all the facilities along with an unrestricted resource; Spotify, being the older player in the market, enjoys quite a good number of customer; Tidal is the favorite among celebrities. However, all three players have their own pros and cons, and here we compare them, taking into consideration their rates, tracks, and other features.


For Apple Music, there are two types of subscriptions, and it comes without any free version. Apple Music, the newest of the three, has a cost of $9.99 for single-user subscription and the family pack comes for $14.99. The family pack allows as much as six members of the family under the same account; however, each of the members can have their own separate profile. Monthly subscription of Tidal comes in two tiers: $9.99 and $19.99 for the standard and premium services, respectively. The main difference between the two is that with the premium subscription you can listen to music with CD-like quality.

Now let’s take a look at Spotify, the cheapest in the class that also runs a free version contributing majorly to its 60 million userbase. Among the three types of services – free, family and premium – the free version comes with ads, and features are limited. The other two tiers give total access, and there are also discounts available for being a family member of a premium subscriber; there is also 10% student concession.


Spotify has over 30 million tracks along with over 1.5 billion playlists, which actually gives it a headstart.  Tidal also currently has over 30 million tracks; Apple Music does as well. However, as Tidal is endorsed by celebrities, it is expected to have some more exclusive content.


Apple Music features playlists created by numerous experts. It also comes with a 24/7 radio channel integrated with Siri. Spotify, on the other hand, encapsulates features like Spotify Touch and Spotify Running, and offers access to podcasts and user-created playlists; whereas for Tidal, exclusive content, high quality music and celebrity endorsement make up other features.

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