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Apple March Launch Event: iPad Air 3, iPhone 5se, Apple Watch 2 Multiple Bands

Apple March Launch Event: iPad Air 3, iPhone 5se, Apple Watch 2 Multiple Bands
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Apple March Launch Event: iPad Air 3, iPhone 5se, Apple Watch 2 Multiple Bands

Earlier we had reported that the Cupertino firm is unlikely to unveil its new Apple Watch 2 in March, but the rumor mill has unearthed new variants of the Apple Watch 2 likely to be launched in third week of March. The exciting part is, Apple will also launch an iPad Air 3 and a new iPhone 5se at the Apple March Launch event.

Apple is expected to introduce multiple new colors for its Sports bands, which are made out of rubber. There will be a new set of colors available for the Hermes bands and a black version of the Milanese loop. Apart from this, Apple plans to bring a new type of band made from a different material.

The Apple March Launch event will also witness the launch of a new 9.7-inch iPad, allegedly called the iPad Air 3. It is supposedly to be an updated profile of the 2014 iPad that was medium-sized. According to sources, Apple has been testing new panels for the 9.7-inch iPad for a while. The idea is to create an iPad compatible with an Apple Pencil.

For a while, Apple did not make any updates to its popular iPad model, which resulted into a 25 percent drop in sales. Hence, the company plans to make a notable update with its new iPad launch in March to boost iPad sales this year. As part of its sales initiative, the company is currently testing a new version of iOS operating system with a Classroom application with the objective of selling more number of iPad hardware to schools across the globe.

9to5Mac also points out that the 4-inch iPhone, christened iPhone 5se, will pack a faster A9 processor, more storage option, an M9 chip, an NFC chip, updated cameras, etc. While it is rumored that the new iPhone 5se closely resembles the 2013 iPhone 5s, the actual features of the devices will be revealed on the launch date.

As for the Apple Watch 2, it is expected to look smarter than its predecessor with varied options for its bands. Multi-talented industrial designer, Tim Cook says, “The First Watch was all about branding. I’d like to see improvements in the original topography too, which is sloppy, amateurish kerning.”

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