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Apple March Event: iPhone 5Se, iPad Air 3, Apple Watch 2 Release and More

Apple March Event: iPhone 5Se, iPad Air 3, Apple Watch 2 Release and More
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Apple March Event: iPhone 5Se, iPad Air 3, Apple Watch 2 Release and More

Apple will reportedly be hosting an event this March to reveal several products including the iPhone 5se, iPad Air 3 and Apple Watch 2. The iPhone 5se has been making the headlines simply because it is supposed to be Apple’s new entry-level phone at only 4 inches.

Previously, several analysts pointed out that there is still a considerable part of the market preferring smaller phones than the rampant large-display device filling up store shelves. Apple seems to have realized the same thing as the company is expected to reveal a 4-inch iPhone this March called the iPhone 5se. According to Mac Rumors, the device should come with a curved cover just like the iPhone 6 and an exterior style just like the iPhone 5s. It should also have NFC support for Apple Pay, A8 or A9 processor and 8MP primary camera. Although it will not be equipped with 3D touch, it will have Live Photos capabilities.

According to The Telegraph, offering a new entry-level model will give buyers a new option for updated iPhone features. This can also potentially boost iPhone sales over concerns that the appeal of the product line has been waning. Some analysts already predicted Apple reporting iPhone sales decline this quarter because not as many iPhone owners upgraded. The new entry-level model will give buyers a possibly cheaper option that can also extend Apple’s market reach. The company has been under pressure to offer more affordable handsets for the past years.

On top of the iPhone 5se release, many reports also said that Apple may release the iPad Air 3 and Apple Watch 2 around the same time. However, some did note that the possible release of another Apple Watch is likely to happen around fall – around the same time people expect the iPhone 7 to come out. Apple has not released any final statements on the matter.

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