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Apple MacBook 2016 To Feature Cellular Connectivity, Asus Releases MacBook Clone!

Apple MacBook 2016 To Feature Cellular Connectivity, Asus Releases MacBook Clone!


Apple MacBook 2016 To Feature Cellular Connectivity, Asus Releases MacBook Clone!

The stakes are high for the laptop industry as tech giants reportedly try to boost their offerings. While Apple is preparing a MacBook line that will feature cellular connectivity, Asus reportedly released a MacBook clone. Who will win the laptop market?

Cellular Connectivity on the MacBook

Apple is reportedly looking into including the much-awaited cellular connectivity to its MacBook Pro lineup. Basis for the reports was a patent that surfaced discussing 4G connectivity in the next MacBook Pro.

The patent is entitled “Electronic device with dual clutch barrel cavity antennas.” According to the abstract of the patent from the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office:

An electronic device has antennas formed from cavity antenna structures. The electronic device may have a metal housing. The metal housing may have an upper housing in which a component such as a display is mounted and a lower housing in which a component such as a keyboard is mounted. Hinges may be used to mount the upper housing to the lower housing for rotation about a rotational axis. Cavity antennas may be formed in a clutch barrel region located between the hinges and running along the rotational axis…

A flexible printed circuit may be formed between the cavity antennas. Each cavity antenna may have a first end that is adjacent to one of the hinges and a second end that is adjacent to the flexible printed circuit. Cavity walls for the cavity antennas may be formed from metal housing structures such as metal portions of the lower housing.

New Asus ZenBook

According to The Country Caller, Apple is looking to improve the competitiveness of its MacBook Pro lineup, thus the addition. It appears that Apple is right, since Asus just released what many are calling the “MacBook clone.”

According to Gizmodo, Asus took the drastic approach to its new ZenBook, which makes the device similar to the build of the MacBook Air. The latest addition to Asus’ laptop family features 0.46 inches thick build, 12.5-inch display, Thunderbolt 3/USB-C port, Gorilla Glass 4 display and a “crazy” thin fan. It’s too early yet to put a verdict on the device, but the market should know soon enough.

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