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Apple Live TV Streaming Service Will Be Delayed To 2016

Apple Live TV Streaming Service Will Be Delayed To 2016
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Apple Live TV Streaming Service Will Be Delayed To 2016

The wait for an Apple live TV streaming service is going to be a bit longer. As per the latest report, the company will be delaying the service to next year; it can even take more time.

According to the report, the company planned to introduce the service this year in an event organized on September 9. Apple is in talks with CBS Corp and 21st Century Fox to make  live TV streaming possible. However, due to slow progress in the whole procedure and lack of content, the service announcement got postponed.

As per the information received, with Apple’s live TV streaming service, people will be able to stream live TV on Apple devices.

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The event on September 9 in San Francisco will mark the introduction of a new network TV session. A more powerful version of Apple TV will be announced in the event. So before the Internet-based TV streaming service is launched, users will have to stay dependent on the usual way of getting TV entertainment.

The profit game of live TV

It is also reported the TV programmers will receive more money for Internet-based live TV streaming. Apple is trying to remake the television industry for a decade now but still could not make a good combination of channels that would appeal to users.

The number of cord cutters is increasing quite fast. People are not interested to pay for TV when they can get things for free. In such a scenario, providing a bunch of channels at around $40 that would appeal to the users is difficult.

Apple is depending largely on the success of its TV streaming service. The sale of iPhone has already decreased and cut in revenue is well-expected. In such a scenario, a revenue of $2 or $3 billion from the live streaming service can provide the required boost to the company.

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