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Apple Leading US Shares with 41.6%

Apple Leading US Shares with 41.6%


Apple Leading US Shares with 41.6%

Apple has kicked off the dominance as the top smartphone OEM in the first month of the year with staggering 41.6% share in US. Samsung is also gaining shares faster than its major competitors. It went to a new level of shares in the market, rising to astonishing 26.7%. The rest of the companies in the top five are LG, Motorola, and HTC.

Google was the first for Android in platform wars, while Apple was the second for its iOS. Yet the platform for the Google’s Android slipped considerably at the start of the year, while the graph for Apple continued to rise upwards. The other companies ending up in the top five were Microsoft, Blackberry, and Symbian.

The latest statistics have been obtained from a marketing research firm (comScore) that carries out surveys regularly over 30,000 mobile subscribers in the US. ComScore reveals that 159.8 million Americans had smartphones that means 66.8% mobile market penetration in January that is greater than 7% since October, last year.

The statistics show that Samsung is making rapid progress, while Apple is at the top in holding the shares in US market.

Samsung beat Apple in terms of gain for many months last year. It has started off well again this year. With the Galaxy S5 are ready for getting launched, it pretty much evident that iPhone5c and iPhone5s won’t be able to hold back the storm of Samsung until the arrival of iPhone 6.

The woes for HTC continue as it’s quite doubtful about the successor of its own smartphone can bring some hope for it. Motorola has dropped to fourth place as it has fought really hard with discounts. LG has been able to stop its downslide with the release of Nexus 5.

The software side is still dominated by the Google’s Android although Apple is steadily gaining its points. However, Android lost its share in most of the months in 2013, and 2014 doesn’t bring luck either for the Mountain View.

Google is still at the top in spite of losing 0.5 points; Apple is at the second with steady progress, BlackBerry suffered from a slight slump of 0.5 points, while Microsoft and Symbian are staying flat at quite low levels at the current stage.

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