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Apple Issues Siri Bug Fix: What You Need to Know

Apple Issues Siri Bug Fix: What You Need to Know
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Apple Issues Siri Bug Fix: What You Need to Know

Apple is acting fast to make sure the Siri bug won’t get as much press. According to reports, the company has now released a bug fix to address a security problem that provides unwarranted access to photos and contacts of Apple users.

Apple has been plagued with problems linked to its iOS system. Recently, a bug popped up in a YouTube post from a user named Ideosdebarraquito. According to the footage, there is a bug affecting iOS 9 and up versions that takes advantage of Siri to access sensitive information on devices like the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. Another video uploaded on YouTube by EverythingApple Pro backed up the claim.

According to reports, the flaw works such that a person can ask Siri to look through Twitter and hand in results that hits an email address. When it comes to the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus, a person can “force tap” the email that is also connected to 3D Touch menu, select Add to Existing Contact then gain access to all contacts. As for photos, people can select Create a New Contact and add photos to access all the photos.

One consolation is that the bug only works for specific settings, meaning not all users are affected. Nonetheless, Apple is not taking chances as it has started working on addressing the issue. Apple sent a confirmation to the Washington Post about the bug fix. According to the report, the company was able to patch the issue Tuesday morning. The fix essentially prevents Siri from conducting Twitter search on a locked phone regardless of the situation.

Most people should have the fix in place already. They do not need to install any software update. Apple moves goes in line with its previous practices of releasing fixes once videos or articles detailing the problems surface.

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