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Apple Is Now 40: Will It Continue To Be Number One?

Apple Is Now 40: Will It Continue To Be Number One?
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Apple Is Now 40: Will It Continue To Be Number One?

Apple celebrated its 40th birthday this Friday. The Cupertino-based company is happy to announce that it is the second-largest mobile phone manufacturer and the world’s largest information technology company after four decades of struggle. However, with a recent setback in iPhone sales, it is yet to be found whether the company will continue be the numero uno.

Founded on April 1, 1976 by Steve Wozniak, Ronald Wayne and Steve Jobs, Apple intended to develop and sell personal computers. But, the company has now transformed into a giant establishment, making iPhones, iPads, iPods, Apple Watches and Macs.

One of the most experienced employees with the company, Tribble, started working at the firm since 1980 on the original Mackintosh team, said, “We had no idea back then that Apple would grow to the size that it is.”

The Cupertino firm had established its Mackintosh line of products across the globe much before, but its major turning point came in with the discovery of iPhones. Today, the Cupertino firm depends on the sales of iPhones for two-thirds of its revenue. However, owing to tough competition from rivals, the sales of iPhones hit a roadblock this year, states The Indian Express.

Experts are of the opinion that Apple is finding it hard to come up with new products that could distinguish the company from its competitors. Nonetheless, Apple’s recent addition of the iPad Pro and iPhone SE prove the firm’s ability to continue to adapt to the current trend of consumer demands. (You may read this)

Sources claim that Apple will need to introduce a completely different line of products that could help the company expand its sales and user base. At the moment, Apple’s electric vehicle project, called Project Titan, is reportedly under development, which will determine the company’s fate once it is revealed to the public, reports MotleyFool.

Speculations are on that Apple might not be able to re-create the magic that it had with its iPhones, given the severe constraints and its massive scale today. If it still wants to be the number one tech firm, Apple will have to come up with products and services that are unique and market driven.

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