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Apple iPhone Displays To Switch From LCD To OLED Starting 2018?

Apple iPhone Displays To Switch From LCD To OLED Starting 2018?

Morning News Roundup

Apple iPhone Displays To Switch From LCD To OLED Starting 2018?

Here comes another story that claims Apple will use OLED technology for iPhone displays starting 2018. Get the complete story here.

All reports on the web suggest that Apple is planning to introduce some drastic design changes to iPhones. Sapphire display for iPhone 7 is one of those changes. Now, there is another report published by Nikkei Asian Review that claims Apple may switch from LCD to OLED for iPhone displays.

In the report, Nikkei Asian Review wrote, “Apple plans to introduce organic light-emitting diode displays for iPhones starting in 2018, sending suppliers racing to fine-tune the technology and invest in capacity expansion.” The report also claims that Apple is already in talks with display makers as well as manufacturing equipment suppliers in order to use the technology.

But there are problems adopting OLED for iPhone displays. The quality of these displays suffers over time due to its energy-saving capacity and the brightness it delivers. Apple is said to be working on these challenges next year so iPhones do not face problems due to this new design.


You may wonder why Apple is so keen on using OLED display despite the challenges it brings. OLED is a technology that will bring sharper images and better colors to iPhones. This tech is better than the liquid crystal displays cellphones have been using since 1990. OLED will also improve the power-saving capacity of iPhones. It will also allow the screens to bend, but only to a certain extent. This will also give Apple the freedom to design better-looking phones.

Now let’s see what’s in store for iPhones and how drastically they change in the coming years.

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